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Sqldeveloper is a database JDBC explorer plugin for Eclipse written in Java which provides high-detailed database information. Currently its development is suspended but the EOS project is being developed - a stand-alone database JDBC explorer (Java, Swing) based on Sqldeveloper.

Brief description:

  • shows high-detailed database information: catalogs, schemas, tables, views, triggers, index keys, etc. and their properties
  • has query editor with syntax highlighting and code completion for sql-patterns, sql-keywords, tables and table's columns
  • supports Oracle, MySQL, hsqldb, SQL Server


  • version for linux
  • driver for DB2
  • updatable results into results-grig
  • view source" for all objects in db-tree
  • "create new ..." for all objects into db-tree

Here you can:

Last updated: 24.06.2003
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